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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Style Tunic Tops For Women

Women tops have come a long way, starting with the basics like cute tees and feminine blouses, with innovative cuts and designs being added by design experts over the time. Tunic tops for women have come up as one of the most popular versions of the garment, with their long length and flowing designs looking good on women of all ages and body types. Simplicity, grace and ease make the essence of these tops, which can be worn on all occasions and in all seasons. When it comes to these long length tunic tops, styling is something that really matters, because it is how you wear them that can make all the difference in your final look. Summer, spring, fall or winter, you can go creative with the tunic tops for women, and dress them up with appropriate bottoms. Here are some smart ideas to style these tops:


Leggings make the best option to pair with tunics because their snug fits balance the flowing appearance of the top to perfection. You can play with your creativity while trying out various combinations; for instance, a solid color tunic can be teamed with printed leggings and vice versa. This ensemble fetched versatility for your wardrobe because you can mix and match the tunics and leggings for umpteen fab looks.


Another smart styling option that you can try out with tunic tops for women is your favorite pair of slim fit jeans. Remember, slim fits always blend well with loose cut tunics, though you can go beyond the ordinary and even try out flared ones.


Jeggings are the bottoms which combine the elements of jeans and leggings; that is, these are fitted leggings made in stretch denim (or faux denim) and look more like skinny jeans. A simple pair of jeggings makes a great team with all your ravishing tunic tops. If you want to try out something different, you can go for cropped lengths in the bottoms.

Like a Dress

The tunic tops for women can double up as dresses too; all you need is to find a reasonable length and wear it as it is, without any bottom. Whether styled in fit and flare or straight cuts, tunics can mimic a dress in a glamorous manner and enhance your wardrobe for less.


Tunics or any other garment, you would need the right accessories to take them a notch higher. Depending upon the bottom you are wearing the top with or the occasion you are wearing it to, tunic tops can be worn with matching heels, flats or wedges. Similarly, you can complement their elegance with suitable handbag, jewel and belts.

Styles With Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture, the American casual wear label was born in the year 1997 that makes it mere 19 years old. In such a short span of time, it has garnered tremendous fame in the fashion industry and is now one of the top brands. Founded by two friends Pamela Skaist- Levy and Gela Nash- Taylor, while working together, this company has its headquarters in Pacoima, Los Angeles, California.

Later on it was purchased by Liz Claiborne Fashion Company. This contemporary label is best known for its fun and chic styles and aims at bringing the L.A. attitude to the girls in other parts of the world. Earlier the name of the company was Travis Jeans and it used to sell maternity pants. It was only in 1996 when the name was changed to what it is known today as. Now it deals in apparels, footwear, handbags, accessories, swimwear, fragrance, baby wear and sunglasses for women and baby. It has its official stores in various countries worldwide.

It touched the zenith of success when it launched its iconic velour tracksuits in the year 2000s which could be spotted on anyone and everyone at that time. It was this label only which made a simple track suit so fashionable and famous that no other brand could probably do. When the singer and performer Madonna sported one, they became an overnight success.

Be it celebrities or fashion enthusiasts or an ordinary neighborhood girl, everyone owned at least one pair of Juicy Couture’s tracksuit. It was almost as if it was mandatory to have it. Such was the popularity of these tracks at that time. Wearing them was not just limited to the four walls of the house, but women used to wear them at casual outings as well. These signature velour suits are super comfortable and have a chic appeal making them apt for such outings and everyday look. Just wear them and you are good to go without much effort. Other celebrities seen wearing them were Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez to name a few.

They are available in so many classic colors and Kim K. was spotted wearing the velour track in almost every color hinting she had a great collection of them. Be it black, bright pink, pale pink, green, blue or camel, the colors options were vast and they looked appealing in each one of them. The various categories in which these tracks are available are Velour, Terry, Solid, Novelty and prints. The fabric had a velvety touch to it. This glamorous label has its roots in L.A. and has always been true to the heritage. It has given unique designs and features to the industry. They are still a trendy option to choose when going out for a casual day with girls or to a shopping spree. If you are not into wearing the whole tracksuit in such occasions, you can pair up the hoddie with normal jeans or trousers.

Other clothing options available for women are dresses, tees, tops, tank tops, graphic print tees, pullovers, shrugs, denims and knit wear. The handbags and footwear also have a youthful and playful touch to them featuring embellishments, flashy prints, and signature prints, all adorning the logo of the brand. They have a go getter attitude associated with them.

High Heel Shoes For Ladies

High Heel Sandals

The high heel sandals for ladies, considered as the absolute best kind of lady’s sandals. Loathe the most sandals open and things of ladies’ wear, the formal cowhide boots for ladies have one key depicting its everlasting style and comfort. It’s the smooth facilitate that makes the calfskin boots such a victor.

Leather High Heels Sandals

Shortly, in the latest excellent blueprint available you can get a great deal of assortments. Each man ought to have the formal cowhide shoes in his storage space. The model arrangement of the formal calfskin shoes supplements formal wear immaculately. It doesn’t have any kind of effect whether you’re wearing a charcoal thin fit suit or tux with a dull toned appends to a meeting, it runs all well with everything.

Ankle Strap Heels

Lower leg strap heels It’s the shoes, truly, that make the lady. That is a lesson you get on promptly when you go on your at first meeting and rapidly understand your best dress shoes are obviously not. Up to that point, shoes likely didn’t mean much. Regardless, in the business world, whether you’re at the workplace, a work limit or a dull tie supper, the shoes are for all intents and purposes as essential as the outfit. Take after these master tips on picking the right men’s business shoes for the event.

Celebrity High Heels Sandals

The vital ru0le of wearing shoes with a suit is that they should be made of calfskin, both in the vamp/upper part of the shoes including your foot and on the sole. A constructed calfskin sole is comparatively pleasant as it might in like way additional you an insignificant utilization. There’s been an expansion of shoes that part calfskin uppers with gravely masterminded adaptable soles. These aren’t as formal as shoes with cowhide soles and an adaptable recoup for robustness, so if you’re wanting to wonder, stay with all calfskin. As to, you have a blend of alternatives when wearing ladies’ dress shoes with suits.

Suede High Heels

Trim up shoes are the most by and large seen men’s business shoes and considered more formal. Those are perfect meeting shoes. You ought to in addition wear them to get-togethers with administrators and customers. With trim up shoes, you can pick a plain style, top toe, wingtip or other additional sewing that progressions it up and detail. You can comparably pick dress shoes without any gatherings, usually known as loafers. These are still made of fine calfskin and look adept with a suit.

Platform Runway Shoes

The dressiest stage runway shoes for ladies are found in degree. Smooth, refined, as regularly as could reasonably be expected sold in faint or cocoa however fitting in any weak traditionalist shading. Style varieties combine plain toe, top toe, brogue, and entire cut. Fitting for a suit, if easily styled works with entertainment coats and odd trousers. Do whatever it brings not to join with pants or chinos.

High Heel Leather Sandals

Each lady who ensures a suit ought to have a few admirable oxfords that are irrelevantly styled. In the event that you wear suits every day, you ought to pivot three sets or more. Grab the latest formal calfskin shoes for men on the web, to browse a broad assortment of options open to you.

Way to Style Fur Hats This Season

During winter people buy clothes that prevent cold and keep them warm. Fur hats are a popular wear during this season, and they are made of furry animal hides, there are many types of hats, but this type is a special one. They make you look fashionable and make your cold days more bearable by keeping you warm. There are a lot of hats which get designed in many ways to suit the wearer’s tastes and styles. The hats are very fashionable, comfortable and durable.

Real fur hats get found rarely, and they are very costly. The fur is got from animals like fox, rabbits, beaver, cats, dogs, coyotes and mink. Other hats get made with local materials, mostly known as fake fur. Mink fur hats have been a classic style that never ages, for they get made from quality mink fur. They are thick and dense and come in different colors black, brown, white and cream.

Depending on what look and style you go for a fur hat can match perfectly. You can go for a simple black hat, without flaps and let your hair loose and furnish your look with statement earrings. The caps match well with any outfit from jeans, skirts, dresses, tights, shorts and even trousers. They also go well with a coat in any style and boots. For a more fashion forward look go for a big fur hat with flaps and high boots.

Any jacket or coat can match with a fur hat depending on one’s style. A pair of earrings and a necklace will go well with this style. The big fake fur hats with flaps are trendy and suits any apparel. They are incredibly stylish and sophisticated while keeping you warm during the cold season. Women carry around these fur hats during the winter season, and some men also wear these hats. The caps are easy to carry and most of all they are very fashionable.

A dress decorated with lace gives a glamorous look since laces are very fashionable. They look dazzling when worn in formal occasions; the lace can be embroidered with shiny details to make it more suitable if attending an extraordinary event. Putting a fur hat on while wearing such a dress will make you have a remarkable look. The dress can also be magnificent with a lacy back.

When wearing these hats, one can divide their clothes into two parts based on the colors, light and dark. The light ones will complement with dark colored hats while the dark ones would be perfect with lighter hats. Men have short hair thus; long caps are the best since they cover the entire head. The hats should have a decent lining to keep it in the best shape. The covering also ensures the durability of the hat. When buying these fur hats ensure you select the right hat that suits you.

You can never go wrong when you add a fur hat to your furry accessories and wear it as an accompaniment to any outfit in your wardrobe. Make a fashion statement by putting on a fur hat; they are stylish, comfy and durable.