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African Fashion

The talk of African fashion is taking place everywhere right from the internet to many events involving fashion across the globe. The attractive and intricate design, cloth’s durability, and of course, the bold colours that are part and parcel of African dresses worn across the globe. These unique qualities of clothes and features set apart the traditional dresses found in the second largest continent.

The origin of the African traditional fabrics and clothes is still contested between Netherland and Africa. But, it is sure that tribes used to weave the original fabrics from the natural resources like flaxseed, animal hides, barks, cotton, and silk among others. Artisans used traditional weaving tools to make fabrics and intricate embroidery on the clothes. The people of Africa have started wearing clothes about 180, 000 years ago during the Ice Age that gripped the Earth with cold to keep themselves warmth.

Let us look at the unique features and design of the traditional dresses of the continent:

Use of Motifs and Symbols

The decorative design and images found in the African clothes are called motif. The symbols created in the clothes have different meaning and significant. The symbols are inspired by the life phase and condition of the wearer. That is why symbols are reserved for various occasions and events in individual life. It means people wear different symbols clothes in marriage, funeral, celebration and other events. The African fabrics shop offers genuine quality materials that are useful to create beautiful outfits suiting the occasion. There are no clothes in the world that is worn with designed symbols or motifs.

Bright Colours Inspired by Nature

Another distinct feature is the presence of bold and vivid colours in the materials. The traditional materials were dyed with natural pigments and mineral colours through the batik process. Now, the roller printers are used to imprint colours on the fabrics with perfection. The colours are used with innovation and inspired by the Mother’s Earth.

The primary colours used in the fabrics and their meanings:

Gold: It is an attractive colour used in the clothes which represent fertility and wealth.

Red: It represents the political and spiritual world. It also represents the colour of the blood.

Blue: It symbolises peace and love, and considered as a harmonised colour.

Green: It meant prosperity, life and considered as a medicinal colour.

White: It means purity and spirituality.

Thus, it is necessary for people to buy the right coloured dresses. Buy African fabrics designed with these colours to add a beautiful cloth in your wardrobe. Additionally, the colours have a great connection with the traditional values and heritage of the continent.

Use of Wax Print Design in Modern Dresses

The modern African clothes contain innovative design and premium quality fabrics. The wax print design consisting of Dashiki and Kente is the most popular in the fashion industry now. It is widely being used for making clothes by designers around the globe.

People can find suits for the party, daily lifestyle, and other occasions on the market. Apart from the natives, people from different nations are wearing the dresses. Buy African fabrics online to make tailored made outfits and wear in different occasions. Contact us to buy natural quality fabrics and clothes at affordable prices.